Mastery 04 – Modeling Languages and Tools

Modeling languages are really similar to an artificial language which is a consistent set of rules used to express information or systems. There are two of them, Graphical and Textual.

Graphical Languages consist of diagrams with symbols and lines and with the set of rules for each symbol and line this can be translated to an idea or concept, some of them are:

Unified Modeling Language:

Image from Wikipedia created by Slashme

Behavior Trees


Textual Languages consist of collections of expressions from formalized natural languages to translate the ideas. An example of this would be Gelish


- the Eiffel tower <is located in> Paris
- Paris <is classified as a> city


- tower <shall be located in a> geographical area
- city <is a kind of> geographical area

Some exaples are:

Algebraic Modeling Languages

framework-specific modeling language

Object modeling language

Virtual Reality Modeling Language


I coudn’t find a better source of what is a modeling language other than Wikipedia so I substract the most important information from it and rephrace it.

Wikipedia. (2019). Modeling language.




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